Mandala Flower Glass Cabochon Pendant Necklace - 6 Variants

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Mandala Flower Glass Cabochon Pendant

The mandala is used as a sacred symbol in Hindu and Buddhist rituals, and the meaning is "circle" in Sanskrit or "essence" in English, and represent a microcosm of the universe. Mandala is often used during yoga practice to calm the mind and help you focus during meditation.
Symbolic meanings of each geometric shapes and colors within the mandala;

  • Circle symbolize integrity and unity
  • Star symbolizes spirituality and freedom
  • Square symbolize balance and stability
  • Triangle (pointed upward) symbolize aspirations toward the universal
  • Triangle (pointed downward) symbolize aspirations toward the earthly
  • White - pure, unity, spiritual focus
  • Blue - protection, tranquility, emotional healing, meditation
  • Green - growth and hope, nature, physical healing, psychic ability
  • Red - fire, passion, high energy, strength
  • Yellow - power, light, joy, wisdom, happiness, learning
  • Pink - love, intuition
  • Orange - self-awareness, intuition, creativity, transformation
  • Purple - spiritual
  • Black - deep thinking, individuality, mystery 

Material: Glass
Metals Type: Alloy, Copper
Length: 51+6 cm(Extended chain), (1 inch=2.54 cm)



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