925 Sterling Silver Lotus Pendant Necklace

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925 Sterling Silver Lotus Flower Pendant Necklace

This Lotus flower pendant will add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your look! 

Lotus flowers grow directly out of muddy and murky waters and produce beautiful white and pink blossoms. Therefore, it symbolizes rising from a dark place into beauty and rebirth. Lotus flowers are often referred to in Buddhist studies and they are a symbol of strength among adversity. 


Lotus flower is also used in guided meditations. The meditation instructs practitioners to imagine themselves as a tiny lotus seed that is deeply buried in the mud. While the mud is dirty and uncomfortable, the seed's journey is to move calmly through the darkness and into the light. Once the seed completes the journey, it blossoms into the next stage of life. The lotus symbolizes growth and determination. 

The lotus flower is a popular design for tattoos and art, as it is a daily reminder that perseverance and inner strength results in light and beauty. The lotus position is a common yoga pose; sits in a cross-legged position, relaxed and still. 


Pendant Size: 1.1 x 0.7 cm
Chain Length: 40cm+5cm
Material: 100% 925 Sterling Silver


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