108 Black Onyx Mala Beads Wrap Bracelet / Necklace - Red Agate

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Black Onyx 108 Mala Bracelet -  Red Agate

It has been believed that black onyx is a powerful protection stone, and agate is a stone of strength. 
108 Mala beads bracelet/ necklace is often used as a meditation tool in various world religions. It is used to count the number of times a mantra is recited while practicing meditation.  Mala means in the Sanskrit language “garland” or “meditation garland”.  It is also popular with people interested in healthy living, meditation and spirituality. For many a Mala can simply be a symbol of positive intentions. 

Weight: 30 g
Size: 6 mm beads x 108
Material: Natural Stone - Black Onyx, Red Agate